Fields Of Work


Commercial and corporate law

All kinds of trade agreements. Registration and winding-up of all types of legal entities according to the Trade Act, and consortiums and mixed enterprises. Participation in negotiations. Transformations, merging and bundling of companies, and spin-offs. Analysis and evaluation of the financial position of enterprises; acquisition, transfer and rent of enterprises or certain parts of them. Acquisition and transfer of participation in all kinds of companies. Legal advice on trade transactions. Elaboration, registration and deletion of security and guarantee packages on trade agreements, mortgages, special pledges and enterprise pledges.

Contractual Law and Right In rem

Preparation of agreements and other documentation. Participation in negotiations. Involvement and assistance in all required procedures concerning notaries, municipal and state authorities, legal entities. Lease agreements. Research of the legal status of real estates. Legal advice on any matters related to acquisition and transfer of real rights and real estate securities. Legal advice on property disputes, partitions, inherited real estates, restricted real rights, restitution claims, securities, restrictions on the right of property, elaboration and registration of securities and guarantees on trade agreements, mortgages and special pledges, etc.

Labour and social security law

Elaboration of documents with regard to labour and social security law. Audit of companies with regard to health and safety at work, elaboration of required documents, advising. Legal advice and participation in negotiations with regard to conclusion of collective labour contracts. Serving employer’s interests as regards to labour and social security law. Legal advice on labour law issues to citizens. Procedural representation at labour disputes.

Succession and Family Law

Legal advice and legal representation on any family law and succession matters, such as marriage agreements, marriage termination, origin, adoption, parents-children relationship, husband-wife relationship, voluntary and court awarded partitions, etc.

Insurance Law

Consultations on the conclusion of the various types of insurance contracts. Representation of individuals and companies before insurance companies in connection with the payment of damages. Representation in civil cases concerning insurance contracts.

Tax Law

Consultation on various types of taxes and tax planning. Representation before the tax authorities. Legally enforceable appeals against acts issued by the tax authorities and administrative courts.

Legal Representation

Legal representation before any court or special jurisdictions (Competition Commission, Anti-Discrimination Commission). Legal defense and representation at all courts and institutions in Bulgaria. Trade disputes.

Alternative approaches to dispute settlement - Arbitration and Mediation

Possibilities for alternatives to the court trial; free choice of the specific procedure with the real opportunity for the parties to maintain good personal and business relations; strict confidentiality; short timelines, the approach is applied by parties’ mutual consent with a possibility for preliminary settlement.

Public Procurement and Administrative Law

Consulations and assistance in public procurement involvement.

Collection of receivables

Opening, defense and representation at enforcement proceedings. Collection of receivables, production order, writ of execution, imposition of securities (distrait, liens and other appropriate actions). Protection on enforcement cases principally for corporate clients (typically at any given moment we are engaged on more than 500 enforcement cases). We have vast experience conducting negotiations with debtors under enforcement cases and concluding agreements with them in all phases of the collection of receivables process.

Insolvency and Liquidation

Legal advice and conduction of winding-up and removal proceedings. Legal advice and defense in insolvency proceedings. Advice on the legal consequences of insolvency, incl. lodge a claim. Assistance in enterprise acquisition or in parts of the relevant proceedings. Undertaking of measures towards avoiding declaration of insolvency or winding-up. Defense at launching an insolvency or winding-up proceedings. Recovery plans and consultancy. Elaboration of agreements with creditors/trustees. Representation of creditors before companies declared insolvent. Legal representation in insolvency proceedings.
* Ms Nadezhda Simeonova - lawyer, is an insolvency practitioner (trustee) and as such she has worked under cases of foreign banks in Bulgaria.


Conducting of legal analysis. Advising on methods and possible privatisation schemes, representation and participation in the negotiations on privatisation. Consultation on privatisation agreements, representation and participation in the negotiations on privatisation deals. Agreements, legal risks investigation, investment protection, securities-related proceedings, etc.
* some of the largest companies in the region are privatised under our schemes.

Foreign investment

Consultations on the regime of carrying and protection of foreign investment. Consultation and assistance in the investment process. Representation before the relevant state authorities.


Participation in negotiations, preparation of technical and accompanying documentation. Franchising agreements. Establishment and modification of franchising packages. Representation at security of obligations under franchising agreements - pledges, mortgages, bank guarantees, etc. Legal advice on intellectual property rights, know-how, etc. related to valid franchising agreements.

Due Diligence with view to acquisitions and realignments

Preparation for legal due diligence. Analysis, evaluation and recommendations to clients related to acquisitions, mergers, takeovesr, spin-offs, split-offs and transfers of enterprises. Preparation and analysis of legal property schemes, environment, health and safety matters, court proceedings, claims and investigations, tax and other obligations related to due diligence.

Corporate investigations

Corporate investigation of legal entities, company property check and analysis, fields of activity check, market share volume, analysis and evaluation of balance sheets and other accounting documentation, legal and financial analysis of enterprises, etc.

Transformations and acquisitions (М&A)

Negotiations on deals, client representation before government and regulatory bodies, drafting legal documentation on the deal (including letters of intent, confidentiality agreements, guarantee agreements, share purchase agreements, shareholders agreements and share retention agreements, etc.)

Administrative Law

Lodging appeals against administrative decisions and penal decrees of relevant bodies. Assistance with the issue of various administrative papers, incl. certificates, licenses and permits. Representation before governmental and municipal bodies. Preparation of documentation for participation in public procurement procedures. Tax and customs law. Migration law: Consultancy and provision of legal assistance to foreign citizens as regards to preparation of documents for visas (either short or long term visas), as well as residence permits for continuous stay or permanent residence permits in line with the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act. Preparation of documents required for business trips around the country and assistance with their submission and receipt. Assistance with the procedure of acquisition of Bulgarian citizenship. Registration of trade representation offices of foreign legal entities with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. Registration of construction companies into Central Professional Registry of Constructors with the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.