Terms of Use of www.lawyers-bg.eu

1. Notions
1.1. The website www.lawyers-bg.eu /hereinafter referred to as “the site”/ is run by LAW FIRM SIMEONOV AND PARTNERS LTD, hereinafter referred to as “the Company”. The Company is filed with the commercial register at the Registry Agency with UIC 117613368.
1.2. The USER is a person who visualizes on the device used by him/her any information published on the site until he/she is disconnected from access to the information.
1.3. THE LINK is a connection, put on a website that allows an automatic linking to another website, information resource or object by standardized protocols.
1.4. The IP ADDRESS is a unique identification number that allows a computer, a website or a resource to be localized on the internet.

2. When are the website terms of use applied
2.1. The terms of use for the website are applied with regard to each person from the moment he/she visualizes on the device used by him/her any information published on the site until he/she is disconnected from access to the information.
2.2. Individuals, who do not agree to respect these terms of use, do not have the right to use the site and the information on it.
2.3. These terms of use can be changed. The individuals, who load the site, are considered bound to the present text at the moment of loading of the site.

3. Subject of copyright and related rights
3.1. The copyright and related rights regarding the objects of rights given on the site belong to their bearers. Any illegal use of such objects will be regarded as a violation of rights and may lead to involvement of civil or criminal liability.
3.2. In particular, without the explicit consent of the bearer of the right, a third party, including a USER of the site, does not have the right:
3.2.1. Regarding the computer program: to use it, load it, display it on screen, perform it, forward it, save it on a computer memory, translate it, revise it and make any other changes on it, etc.
3.2.2. Regarding an object of copyright and related rights: to record it, play it, distribute it, broadcast it, or perform the fore-mentioned actions with its copies, etc.

4. Permitted actions
4.1. Every USER has the right to use the site and the information on it only in the following ways:
4.1.1. To make and save a copy of such information on electronic means or in hard copy only for personal use and for non-commercial purpose.
4.1.2. To forward a summary of a text showing that the source is the site and putting a LINK to the complete information on the site.
4.1.3. To forward multimedia information (pictures, video, other similar) only after prior authorization, and by providing the source and a LINK to the complete information on the site of the source.
4.2. Use of information of any kind cannot be considered a provision for exercising any copyright or any related rights.
4.3. Expression of personal opinion (comment) about the articles published on the website. The USER is obliged not to exercise this right in the following ways:
4.3.1. To propagate or carry out ideas and/or acts, directed to socially dangerous acts that are declared punishable under the law.
4.3.2. to propagate or carry out ideas and/or acts, directed to discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, human genome, citizenship, origin, religion or confession, education, belief, political views, personal or social status, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, personal wealth, etc.
4.3.3. In violation of the applicable law, the public order and the generally accepted moral standards.
4.3.4. In a way that could be considered unacceptable, including but not limited to making insults or slanders to third parties.

5. Rights and obligations of the company
5.1. At the request of a competent public authority and in the cases set up by the law the company is obliged to provide relevant information about each USER.
5.2. In case the company becomes aware of or is informed that a USER violates the Rules for use, it undertakes immediate actions in order to cease the violation. In case the violation is an unlawful use of copyright or any related rights not allowed according to these terms of use, the company undertakes actions on realization of civil and/or criminal liability of the offender.
5.3. The site supports an e-mail where any USER has the right to report on found infringements of the terms of use made by another USER or third party.

6. Disclaimer
6.1. No compensations are owed in case the device used by a third party to browse the site is damaged by a computer program that is automatically distributed and against the will or without the knowledge of the computer systems users and is intended to bring the computer systems or computer networks into undesirable state or into realization of undesirable results.
6.2. No compensations are owed in case of damages of any kind resulting from the use of another internet resource to which there is a link from this site.

7. Applicable law
7.1. Any dispute concerning the operation of these terms of use or in connection with them, or their violation, including disputes and disagreements about the validity, interpretation, termination, performance or non-performance of obligations of the parties, shall be settled by the parties in a friendly manner. If no agreement is reached the dispute will be submitted for a decision to the relevant court of competent jurisdiction in Ruse within the meaning of the Civil Procedure Code.
7.2. A decision of a competent court or a legislation change that makes any of the provisions of these terms of use of the site invalid, void or unenforceable will refer only to that provision and will not make any other provisions invalid, void or unenforceable and all the other provisions will remain in force and effect as far as they are not influenced significantly by the change.
7.3. To all unsettled matters the provisions of the Bulgarian civil law shall apply.

8. Correspondence
8.1. Any person may send an electronic message on the published e-mail address.
8.2. In case the message is connected with execution of any legal actions, including but not limited to exercise of rights, discharging of obligations, extending invitations and the like or in case reaching the company is of great significance or in case you would like to receive an answer, the message shall be sent to the address of the office registered in the commercial register at the time of sending the message.
These terms of use are adopted on 18.11.2013.